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We do allow dogs that are well behaved. Please do not allow your dogs on the beds in our Cabins and Motel units. We asked that dogs are supervised at all times and not left in your room unattended. If you leave, take your dog with you. If  your dog is bothering anyone on the resort, it must be on a leash.  If you do not have control of your dog, you/they may be asked to leave the property. You also need to pick up after your dog at all times. There are doggy bags for disposal on the stand attached to the bath house. Please dispose of the doggy bags in the dumpster.  Please help follow rules and help us keep a pet friendly environment.

Please keeps dogs off beds and furniture. If your pet causes any damage to any property, you are responsible for that damage. Excessive pet hair will cost an additional cleaning fee.

Sorry, no other pets are allowed. 

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